Can I attend a Parole hearing?

Parole hearings are open to the public.

Family, friends, attorneys, media and other members of the public may observe the proceedings but may not participate.

If you wish...

Who can I speak with regarding a Board decision?

You will need to contact the offender's Counselor at the institution. Once a decision is processed it is sent to the Counselor and they will notify the offender of the decision.

What is a staff initiation?

The Counselor at the prison has the prerogative to bring an offender to the Board for review prior to the offender's annual. Staff initiations are routine procedures and are by...

How does a screening/review differ from an interview/hearing?

Offenders who are not subject to a mandatory minimum or life sentence are reviewed by the Board on an annual basis. This is known as a screening or review. At this screening/review...

Are Parole Officers employed by the Board of Parole?

No. Parole Officers are employed through the Judicial Districts. Please see the link below for the eight Judicial districts. ...

What are the factors the Board takes into consideration when reviewing an offender for a release?

The Board may consider the following factors and others deemed relevant to the parole and work release decisions:

  • Previous criminal record;
  • Nature and
  • ...

How long does it take to get out of prison once a release is granted?

It can take approximately two to three weeks after a parole is granted to be release from prison. however, if granted an out-of-state parole it can take approximately two months....

Does the Board consider offenders for a "hardship" or "medical parole"?

The Board of Parole does not grant paroles due to medical reasons or for family hardship circumstances.

What is a recall date?

The recall date is an approximate date for when an offender will be reviewed.

*Offenders are reviewed a month prior to their recall dates.*

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