Offender Information

Name Dixie Shanahan-Duty
Offender Number 0808771
Sex F
Birth Date 09/09/1967
Location Fourth Judicial District
Offense MURDER - 2ND DEGREE, 85%
TDD/SDD * 11/20/2046
Commitment Date 10/22/2018
Recall Date
Most Recent Board Decision Decision Type: Parole Granted
Decision: Parole
Decision Date: 10/10/2018
Effective Date:
Interview Date and Time (if being interviewed)
Mandatory Minimum (if applicable)

Please contact the Board of Parole staff to confirm the date and time of an interview.

* TDD = Tenative Discharge Date
* SDD = Supervision Discharge Date


Supervision Status Offense Class County of Commitment End Date
Parole B Felony Shelby
Work Release B Felony Shelby 10/22/2018
Prison B Felony Shelby 07/16/2018
Prison Felony - Mandatory Minimum Shelby 04/21/2014
Prison Felony - Mandatory Minimum Shelby 08/20/2006

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