The Board currently facilitates virtual interviews and reviews.

Who has microphones and cameras?

  • Only participating Board members and
  • The prison holding the interviewee.

Registered victims:

  • Are given the opportunity to speak.
  • Are muted during most of the interview.
  • Use the video/microphone function only while addressing the Board.

Family, friends, attorneys, media, and other members of the public:

  • Are allowed to listen to hearings.
  • Are not allowed to participate or give statements.

All guests:

  • Will be properly attired.
  • Must conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a public government meeting.
  • Will be respectful of other guests.

Other guests may include:

  • Victims
  • Spectators
  • Media personnel
  • Board staff, and
  • Board members

Other issues:

  • Any guest activity deemed inappropriate may result in a request to correct the behavior.
  • Board panel members or staff may remove guests for conduct violations.
  • Criminal offenses may be discussed in detail. This may not be appropriate for individuals under the age of eighteen.
  • No media interviews will be granted with any Board member at any time.
  • Direct questions to the Board of Parole representative.