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Victim Services

Victim Restitution/Compensation


As a crime victim, you have the right to request restitution for monetary losses related to the crime. If you are the victim of a violent crime, you may also be eligible for assistance through the Crime Victims Compensation Program (see below for more information).

  • Restitution must be court ordered.
  • The County Attorney’s Office submits restitution requests to the Clerk of Court.

Offender  payment plans and collection of the restitution order is overseen by:                                                                                                 

1. The Court (for cases where the offender receives a sentence of self probation,

2. The Court after the offender has been released from other forms of custody or supervision,

3. The local Department of Correctional Services for cases where the offender receives a sentence of Probation,

4. The Department of Corrections (DOC) for cases where the offender goes to prison.

Probation or Residence in a Local DOC Facility

This occurs when the offender is sentenced to supervision by the DOC. The Probation Officer develops a Plan of Payment within 90 days. This plan goes to the Clerk of Courts Office where the crime occurred.


When the offender is sentenced to prison, the DOC collects the restitution.

Collections are deducted from:

  • allowances paid to inmates
  • credits to inmates’ accounts deposited from outside sources, or
  • money earned from working while incarcerated.

Inmates may earn from $3.00 a day to $15.00 a day, depending on the type of job they hold. The DOC collects 20% of these monies and sends it to the Clerk of Court where the crime occurred.

Crime Victim Compensation Program

If you or someone you know suffered personal injury from a violent crime, this program may help.

Compensation benefits may include:

  • reimbursement for lost wages
  • counseling
  • medical expenses, and
  • other crime-related expenses.

To apply call 800-373-5044. See this website for more information: