Registration and Notification

Victim Registration

To register, victims should contact the County Attorney’s Office where the crime was prosecuted. The County Attorney will then notify the following departments of your registration:

County Sheriff or Jail

Clerk of Court

The Iowa Department of Corrections

The Iowa Board of Parole

The Department of Justice

In addition to registering with these Departments, you may also register with Iowa VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday).  This is an automated system and will only notify you of offender movement, such as movement from one institution to another or after discharge. To register with VINE, please call 1-888-742-8463 or visit  Iowa VINE .

IMPORTANT: If you have registered with VINE (Victim Information and notification Everyday), this does NOT mean you are registered with the departments above. Please contact your County Attorney’s Office to become a BOP registered victim.

Victim Notification

As a registered victim of the Iowa Board of Parole, you will be notified of the following: 

  • Notice at least twenty days prior to conducting an interview of the offender. 
  • Information for victim's to submit their concerns/opinions concerning the release of the offender in writing prior to the hearing. 
  • Arrangements if a victim wishes to appear personally or by counsel at the hearing to express an opinion concerning the offender’s release and has contacted us with this request. 
  • Notice of the Board's decision regarding release of the offender. 
  • For Commutation and Pardon cases notice will be forwarded with the recommendation information identifying a registered victim for the purposes of notification by the governor as required in section 915.19. 

Victims are not automatically registered. Only those who register through the County Attorneys' Offices shall receive these mandated notifications. 

If the offender is sentenced to Probation, the Departments of Correctional Services may provide other types of notifications. Visit the Department of Corrections website to locate the probation/parole offices in your area 

Please call 515-725-5761 to obtain direct information regarding an inmate's movement within the system, Parole Board decisions, release plan recommendations, Annual review dates, etc. 


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